Gallery Booking


Academy of Fine Arts and Literature

Arpana Fine Arts Gallery

(Rules and Regulations, 2018)

Address: Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, 4/6, Siri Fort Institutional Area, opp-Siri Fort Auditorium-Gate No.2, New Delhi-110049. India.
Email: [email protected]. Contact: 011-26496542 / 8070.

Gallery timings : Arpana Fine Arts Gallery, 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, seven days a week.

Academy: Housed with entry free two museums of miniature paintings, museum of folk art & artifacts. A reading/reference library of books on paintings, contemporary arts and literature. NGO for the underprivileged. We also hold painting and clay modeling regular classes and workshop. A cafeteria with provision for lunch and snacks at a subsidized cost. We have a permanent ramp for comfort of our esteemed visitors to the gallery.

Artist Solo exhibition: Provide bio-data & two color images of recent work to be included in the exhibition. Kindly mention if you are working / freelancer.

Artist Group Exhibition: Name of all participating artist and bio data of each artist including two images of recent work, which will be included in exhibition. Kindly mention website and email and phone detail.

Commercial art galleries/dealers/ workshop/organizer’s: No fake work of art will be acceptable and the academy we will not be liable/held responsible whatsoever for any controversy and the work will be removed immediately. No Political or any anti-social movements/meetings/gatherings activity to be entertained or invited.
The Gallery has special provision for young struggling artist and differently abled artists; the final decision will be decided by the committee.

Confirmation: : Date will be notified as per the availability. Once you are offered the dates, you will be required to make full advance payment to confirm the booking. You will also have to fill a form duly signed along with terms and conditions. Kindly do not ask for discount.

Refunding: The Gallery will not refund in case of cancellation by the exhibitor. Bookings are non-transferable

Solo & Group show by artist: Rs.3000/- per day, equipped with fan. Additional cost of Rs.500/-per day for one air conditioner.

Commercial / Gallery’s / Organizer’s / Sponsored / Event’s / workshop: Rs. 4000/-per day, equipped with fan. Additional cost of Rs.500/-per day for one air conditioner.

Terms and Conditions for hosting an event: The entire exhibition is subject to approval before the opening.
Gallery will provide chairs and two tables, five pedestals maximum and only two small partitions. Do not use nails, staples, glue, tape, both side adhesive tape and anything that damages painted walls.
The spaces outside the Gallery cannot be used for display.
We are not responsible for the loss or damage to the personal belongings / work of art of the exhibitor. We request the artist to appoint his / her caretaker, in the absence of the artist.
We do not provide any storage space for the exhibits.
On the day of booking, you could come by 8am to display / organize. The gallery can be booked prior to the exhibition for hanging at a subsidies rate of Rs.1500/-
The Gallery office is open for public dealing from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Saturday only.

Security: Kindly informed at the time of booking of any schedule visits by VIPs. The visit must be scheduled after the approval from the Gallery Office. It is to be noted that any additional cost incurred in such proceedings shall be borne by the exhibitors.

Opening:We do not permit eatables inside the gallery. The Cafeteria can be used for opening ceremony; it’s a non-smoking / alcohol free zone. After the opening the exhibitor is responsible for the cleanliness or will be fined of Rs. 500/-. For the Opening day of any exhibition, snacks can be ordered from the subsidized cafeteria, at least two days in advance with full payment as per the menu. The academy will not be held responsible if the food is not up to the satisfaction of the client. You could also arrange your own catering; we permit Wine and Beer only. Kindly abide by the rules. Siri Fort Institutional area has free car parking at owner’s risk. On the inaugural / opening, the gallery will be open maximum up to 9pm only.

Assistance: We can arrange assistance for hanging / removing, only if you inform us a week in advance at a cash payment of Rs.500/-. Additional cost of Rs.500/- for thread and kindly attach hooks beforehand, since we have no provision for such task. You are permitted to bring your own thread and own hanging. Exhibitors are forbidden from tampering with the electrical fittings within the gallery on their own. Please note technicians for fixing up of lights are available 10am – 7pm.

Closing the Show: The exhibition should close by 6:00 pm on the last day; gallery must be vacated by 7:00 pm. The gallery will be checked by the staff at 7:00 pm.
In case of any damage or any marks on the wall, the exhibitors will be charged for repainting the entire area @ Rs. 20/ per sq. or they will have to repaint the entire wall at their own cost.

Banners: The posters or banners for an event may be displayed only after full payment. There is a space slotted for posters of the shows at the gallery. We do not advertise or do media related promotion.

Invitations: The text of the invitations for the show must mention the following: Arpana Fine Arts Gallery.
While printing your cards the Academy of Fine Arts and Literature must be mentioned only as a venue and not as a sponsor. The artist / organizers are not allowed to use our logo in the invites or posters.

Warning to Exhibitor: Please note: In case of misbehavior or illegal activity by the exhibitors or their associates during the show/ event is liable to be cancelled with immediate effect. We will not be responsible for any damage done to the artworks during the exhibition. The office staff or peons will not be available for uploading / unloading.
Use of the office & office stationary will not be available during exhibitions Kindly check your mobile network connection prior to the opening. As we hope to have a long-term relationship with you, we request you to abide by the rules.

Name of Exhibitor: ……………………………….Signature:………………………….
Confirmed Booking Dates:…………………….. Gallery Payment………………